Made in USA

Meet our Designer Barbara MacCambridge

For me, art is about communication and emotion. From the smile at the antics of a dancing kitten to the happy memories of a great vacation brought to mind by a pair of colorful flip flops; that emotional response is both my inspiration and reward.

I have always loved to draw and create (doodling in my notebook was much more fun than class!) and took art classes all through school, culminating in a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I then moved to California and worked in the world of advertising and corporate design for over 10 years, but never found the work truly fulfilling.

During those years my favorite hobby was making beaded and ceramic jewelry. Meanwhile, my cousin started a small jewelry business back in Colorado. It was a leap of faith but I decided to join in the new adventure. My passion for animals and nature have been fueling my creativity ever since. We take great care to ensure our in-house production methods and materials are as non-toxic and environmentally friendly as possible.

Jewelry is a very personal art form, one that reflects our individuality. My passion is to design pieces that emphasize the wearer's unique personality. I sincerely hope my whimsical, colorful creations bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.